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Thank you, Retriever

I just e-signed a special document. There was nothing special looking about it – no confetti or streamers to indicate that this document was any different from the hundreds of others that I’ve e-signed over the years. I paused before submitting my signature, realizing that this was the last moment of a three-and-a-half-year chapter in … Continue reading Thank you, Retriever

Horticulture Capitalism

I recently finished reading “How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century” by the late Olin Wright. His premise is that capitalism is an inherently “rapacious system”, which must be dismantled, smashed, or otherwise eroded. Afterwards, I thought of Churchill’s old quote about democracy. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed … Continue reading Horticulture Capitalism

Introducing GPT Explorer

Today Cathy, Zain, and I open sourced GPT Explorer. Explorer is a power tool for GPT-3 experimentation with full history, sharing, and the community’s best-practices built-in. If you’re just getting started with GPT-3 or don’t want to build out your own boilerplate codebase, try the hosted version: Explorer. The source is available here. A UI for experimentation To get good results … Continue reading Introducing GPT Explorer


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This essay I found posits that the Bay Area has actually been so productive in this regard because of the storied tension between two opposing and prominent cultures: the hippies and the techies

8/ The only sense I can make of it, is that there is a huge mismatch between peoples stated and revealed preferences right now, and we're operating in an environment of virtue signaling and fear of speaking up.

too busy at work to use PTO to take a vacation


today i realized I can use PTO to say "hey sorry im on PTO" and not go to meetings or talk to people and catch up on work

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