Welcome to my online paper trail. I am Stedman Blake Hood. I am also:

Still, the scope of this particular flavor SEO spam is hard to get one's head around.

Some of these accounts just constantly reupload the same tracks, in this case 600+ times.

@zebulgar SV too often substitutes “facilitating dialog” for effective management.

Companies aren’t democracies. They aren’t group therapy.

Treating them as such to paper over bad management creates cultural debt. Eventually it comes due.

Good morning, Spain surpasses the US at its peak in terms of cases per millions. France surpasses US current cases, and of course the real news here is that it is not flashing red on the front page of most news.

20 days into the 2018 Mendocino fire:
• 67% contained
• 364,145 km2

20 days into the 2020 #AugustComplexFire:
• 20% contained
• 746,755 km2

Your opinions don’t need to conform to someone else’s orthodox ideology

If you think the president did something good, that’s okay and you’re still allowed to think he’s the worse candidate. If you believe in structural racial inequities, you can also be against rioting. Etc

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