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Thank you, Retriever

I just e-signed a special document. There was nothing special looking about it – no confetti or streamers to indicate that this document was any different from the hundreds of others that I’ve e-signed over the years. I paused before submitting my signature, realizing that this was the last moment of a three-and-a-half-year chapter in … Continue reading Thank you, Retriever

Horticulture Capitalism

I recently finished reading “How to Be an Anticapitalist in the Twenty-First Century” by the late Olin Wright. His premise is that capitalism is an inherently “rapacious system”, which must be dismantled, smashed, or otherwise eroded. Afterwards, I thought of Churchill’s old quote about democracy. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed … Continue reading Horticulture Capitalism

Introducing GPT Explorer

Today Cathy, Zain, and I open sourced GPT Explorer. Explorer is a power tool for GPT-3 experimentation with full history, sharing, and the community’s best-practices built-in. If you’re just getting started with GPT-3 or don’t want to build out your own boilerplate codebase, try the hosted version: Explorer. The source is available here. A UI for experimentation To get good results … Continue reading Introducing GPT Explorer


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I am returning for a special "I told you so" podcast episode where I will spend about 30 minutes saying I told you so and then hopefully I can go back to never having to talk about crypto ever again.

Controversial take: Weekly standing 1:1's with every direct report are largely a waste of time and create bricked out calendar hell as organizations scale.

Today we're launching Dispatch: Superhuman for Slack

Reach inbox zero. Focus on your highest priorities. cc @cathykaic @DehaasDe @ProductHunt @SlackHQ

S/o to my friends @cathykaic and @StedmanBlake for launching on Product Hunt!! They've been heads down building for months, and if you're looking for a better way to manage Slack messages, please check this out and give an upvote!

This essay I found posits that the Bay Area has actually been so productive in this regard because of the storied tension between two opposing and prominent cultures: the hippies and the techies

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