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I have read the argument a lot in the last day that social media is the Public Square. No. The internet is the public square, and it is infinite.

Twitter is an Arby’s on the Square, and you’re inside yelling about their lack of vegan options being literal fascism.

@michelletandler The irony here is this is all root-cause a housing/cost of living problems and SF has no control over CA housing policy. That’s driven by conservative suburban voters. When libs drop out (I get why they do) it only perpetuates the problems they say they want to go away.

Still, the scope of this particular flavor SEO spam is hard to get one's head around.

Some of these accounts just constantly reupload the same tracks, in this case 600+ times.

@zebulgar SV too often substitutes “facilitating dialog” for effective management.

Companies aren’t democracies. They aren’t group therapy.

Treating them as such to paper over bad management creates cultural debt. Eventually it comes due.

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