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Introducing GPT Explorer

Today Cathy, Zain, and I open sourced GPT Explorer. Explorer is a power tool for GPT-3 experimentation with full history, sharing, and the community’s best-practices built-in. If you’re just getting started with GPT-3 or don’t want to build out your own boilerplate codebase, try the hosted version: Explorer. The source is available here. A UI for experimentation To get good results … Continue reading Introducing GPT Explorer

Old Friends New Company

Last month, I started a new company with two old friends. We’re building an intelligent screenshot manager. If you’d like to try it, sign up here: Becoming the Personal Google. Like I said, we’re building an intelligent screenshot manager. But that’s just the wedge to something much bigger. Today, it’s shocking that there’s no … Continue reading Old Friends New Company

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