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Infinitely configurable, so you can work the way you want

View projects as a timeline for a bird’s eye view

See the bigger picture of how projects fit together, so you can resolve dependencies and hit your deadlines.

Capture every detail in a table

Track all the specific items that ladder up to bigger launches, so nothing slips through the cracks.

See every deadline plotted on a calendar

Managing a multi-day launch? Add a calendar view to any project, so you can see exactly what’s shipping and when.

Choose the exact info you want to track

Create your own priority labels, status tags, and more, so every team can craft the perfect workflow.

Automate your team workflows

Spend less time on manual tasks with automations that streamline task flows, bug reports, database entries, doc outlines and more.

Filter and sort info to see what you need

Show only tasks assigned to you, or items marked as urgent. Break down any complex project in the way that’s most helpful to you.

Catch all the details, big and small

Tasks and sub-tasks

Break projects into manageable pieces to get the work done.

Status, assignee, due date

So everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

Database views

Visualize the work in distinct formats, from calendars to boards.


See when one task is blocking another and avoid bottlenecks.

My tasks

Manage every task assigned to you in one place.

Progress bar

See how your project is tracking toward its launch.

Focus on what‘s important. Leave the rest to AI.

Leverage AI to write higher quality project docs, faster

Generate a first draft for your project plans in seconds. Or write it yourself, and ask AI to make it more effective.

Automate tedious, time-consuming tasks

Customizable AI Autofill adds user stories, key results, updates, and more for every project deliverable.

It’s the slickest, most practical implementation of generative AI for text that I’ve used to date.

Alex HeathDeputy Editor, The Verge

Ship faster with automated sprints

Move projects forward with automated sprints

Engineering and product teams have everything they need with out-of-the-box workflows to groom your backlog, organize sprints, and track bugs.

Your PRDs alongside your sprint plans

Every task has a page that contains all the project info to not just plan the thing, but build the thing.

We can see a project’s going to have three sprints, we can see all the tasks for those sprints, and everything’s linked in the roadmap.

Joy TaoCo-founder and CTO, Partiful

Integrations from Github, Slack, & more bring all your work together

Top teams run projects with Notion


LOVE how I can see all my tasks + details, and meetings + agendas on one page in @NotionHQ

Marisol Dahl

in my happy place setting up a @NotionHQ for a startup client 🥰. Project management and team organization make the world go 'round.


Top 3 things I do with @NotionHQ now:

1. Personal wikis (e.g. OKR page, Vision & Values page)2. Finance tracking (from income and expenses tracking to digital subscription tracking)3. Project management and team collaboration (think content hubs and project pages)

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